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Silk Scarves

Silk Scarves and stoles are a necessity in any wardrobe. A silk scarf will add colour to the most under-stated outfit or bring new life to something you have had for years.

Eastern Silk’s range of silk scarves reflects the weaving styles of many areas of India. Many of the scarves come from Varanasi in North India, where the art of silk weaving has been perfected through centuries of tradition. Varanasi has been known for its silk weaving since 500BC.

Swarna Silk Scarves are distinctive in that they are woven with silk intertwined with delicate, metallic threads.

Varansai Resham Silk Scarves are hand woven using traditional brocade designs using finest silk yarns and bold colours.

Our Tie Dyed Scarves are woven then tied and dyed in clashing colours to make each one unique.

Chandini Silk Stoles are hand woven from Tussar Silk and dyed in soft, natural colours.

Cocoon Silk Scarves are made from light-weight organza silk with slubby, cocoon-like detail.

Tribal Silk Shawls and Stoles are made from rich tribal silk from the Bhagelpur Region of Bihar, North India. They are hand woven in bold, plain colours as well as striped varieties.

Jamavar Silk Wrap

Kashmiri Wool Shawls and Scarves

Kashmiri Wool Shawls are so named because they are a traditional craft of the Kashmir region in North Western India. They are hand woven from pure wool before teams of skilful embroiderers adorn them with wool embroidery in colourful patterns. The women of Kashmir traditionally wore Salwar Kameez, (the long tunic top and loose fitting pants), and a brightly coloured shawl was the time-honoured way to keep warm in the chilly Vale of Kashmir.

Jamavar Cutwork Stoles and Shawls are also synonymous with the weavers of Kashmir. Each colour in the intricate pattern is woven, then cutaway to leave sheer delicate sections of wool. Jama means robe and war means yard. King and nobles bought the woven fabric by the yard, wearing it as a gown or using it as a wrap or shawl.

Printed Wool Stole
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